Images may be used under the following conditions:

As a general rule I will give permission for free single personal use and non-profit educational use, but I require you to ask permission even for these uses so that I may keep track of the use of my images. Please describe your intended use in your request. If the image is to be used on a webpage, please provide me with a link to the page where it will be used so I can determine if the use is appropriate for my images.

Use of Images for Science

Anyone considering use of my images for scientific purposes should be aware that the images seen here are not raw data and have been subjected to non-linear processing and esthetic editing. If you wish the raw data, I may be able to provide you with the raw frame(s), depending on the age of the image.

Users should be aware that these images are copyright William McLaughlin 1992-2001.
They have been marked in a subtle fashion for identification.

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