Tpoint Mapping Run using Images and Image Link

  1. Be sure your mount is polar aligned and locked down unless you are doing the mapping run to perform a polar alignmnet. Then establish initial pointing of the mount to known star and synch the mount to that star using the hand control.
  2. Establish a link from the scope to TheSky - TheSky should show that you are pointed to the star selected above. Next, if possible, use image link as described below to do an initial precision synch on the star.
  3. Telescope Tab

    Figure One

  4. Zoom in with the chip FOV shown and find an area that is where you want to map which has enough stars (6+ displayed in TheSky) to image link well and then slew to that area. Be sure to uncheck "always keep telescope crosshairs on screen" in the telescope setup dialog box or you will not be able to zoom on a different area than where the telescope is currently pointed.
  5. Take an image and be sure that the exposure is long enough to show enough stars (6+ stars)
  6. Be sure image scale (pixel scale) is set correctly (arcsec/pixel) in TheSky image link setup.
  7. Close the information dialog box in TheSky.
  8. Scale the image with the histogram to display all the stars well then copy the image to the clipboard and paste it into TheSky
  9. Rotate, size, and shift TheSky to as closely as possible match the image to the displayed chip FOV.
  10. Align Image

    Figure Two

    Align Image

    Figure Three

  11. Run image link to match the image to TheSky. Accept the link results if it appears correct and the pixel scale displayed in the "accept results?" box matches the expected value.
  12. Reactivate the image information box and select "Image Link Information" from drop down box as shown in figure 4.
  13. Telescope Tab

    Figure Four

  14. Select the "Map" icon (red target-like icon) at the bottom right of the image information box to map the position to Tpoint.
  15. Zoom out and select the next star or object to slew to.
  16. Go back to step 3 and repeat steps 3-11 as often as needed for the desired modeling.

Final Note: The model starts to improve pointing only after 6 points are mapped. At that time one should select the "Fit" command and check the data to verify that it makes sense.

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