Problems Viewing Images

I click on the image but nothing happens!

Some setups and browsers have trouble with full screen display settings and will display either nothing or an unviewable minimized window. This is very likely a browser bug as it can be intermittent, a system restart often fixes it. You can use my Simple Index Page and the images should display well but you will not see the full screen display and the large 1200 x 1600 windows may not work.

I see the image but it looks funny!

Possible Causes

  • Your Monitor Screen Settings
  • Your Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings
  • Your Browser Software
  • Your Zoom Settings
  • Your Security Settings
  • Is there another version that will work?
  • Your Monitor Screen Settings

    These pages are designed to be viewed at a minimum screen area of 1024 x 768. If you wish to check what your screen area is set to, right click on your desktop, select "properties", and then the "settings" tab. If it is set to less than 1024 x 768, you may be able to change it but be sure that your monitor will support the higher screen area setting (some older or cheaper monitors may not).

    Your Browser Software

    You also may be using an unusual browser (such as Web TV), or an older browser. The old Netscape browsers may not work well. Those using newer alternative browsers such as Opera, or Firefox may not see scroll bars on images that are larger than your screen. With these browsers you may be able to scroll the images by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. For best results, you should use Version 5.5 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer. The latest Internet Explorer can be downloaded free from Microsoft at:

    Internet Explorer Download

    Your Security Settings

    You may have your browser security settings set so as to disable Java. Many of these pages use Java and will not work with this disabled. This is a security choice you must make and is a functionality vs. security tradeoff.

    Is there another version that will work?

    For those that do not want to download Internet Explorer or change their security settings, I have provided a simple listing of images and pages. This lacks much of the functionality of the regular version but will allow image viewing. Please note that those with low screen size settings will need to scroll the images. For this you can go to my Simple Index Page.

    Your Zoom Settings

    If everything does not fit in the window and you are at at least 1024 x 768 for your screen area, you may have the "zoom" feature of your system or browser activated. Although this affects only text in most cases, it might crowd an image on an page that has both images and text. You may want to have any zoom feature set at its native (default) setting.

    Your Monitor Brightness and Contrast Settings

    You may have the brightenss and contrast of your monitor set in an unusual fashion. On the front panel of your monitor you will find these controls (consult your montior instructions if necessary). Since astronomical images are faint objects on a black background, adjust your settings so that all of the gray steps below are visible. Pay special attention to the darker steps, being sure that you can tell one from the other. The result should be to show the blackest step as black as possible but still clearly different from the next brighter step. Also be aware that bright room lighting or reflections from room lights or windows can adversely affect your ability to see the fine, dark detail in many astronomical images.

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