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Information Pages

Basics of CCD Imaging

This short page is designed to give some simple background on the technology used to take these images. It is intended for the non- technical viewer.

Advice for Beginners

Looking to take up astronomical imaging as a hobby? This page has a few basic "dos and don'ts" for the brave souls that wish to venture into this hobby.

Equipment and Processing

Here you will find a brief discussion of the hardware and software that Bill uses to produce these images plus links to the manufacturers of these products.

LRGB Technique

This provides a step-by-step tutorial on using PhotoShop to perform the LRGB color image technique.

Focus Techniques

A brief overview of the various focus techniques. A must for the serious imager!

CCD Imaging Links

A page chock full of links to other imagers, informational sites, and places where products may be purchased.

Use of my Images

If you want to use any of my images, you should read this page first.

ARGO Observatory

Visit ARGO Cooperative Observatory

Buy a Print

Here is how to buy a print.

My Imaging Credentials

A listing on my arcicles, lectures, and published images.

Astronomical Image Pages

Pre-2001 Images

Crab Nebula
Lagoon Nebula
Lagoon Nebula Film Iamge
M13 (Star Cluster)
Eagle Nebula
Trifid Nebula
Pinwheel Galaxy
Orion Nebula
Whirlpool Galaxy
M 66 (Galaxy)
M 74 (Galaxy)
M 106 (Galaxy)
NGC 40 nebula
NGC 246 Nebula
Sculptor Galaxy
PacMan Nebula
Double Cluster (Star Cluster)
NGC 891 (Galaxy)
NGC 5907 (Galaxy)
NGC 6826 Nebula
Crescent Nebula
NGC 6946 (Galaxy)
Network Nebula One
Network Nebula Two
Saturn Nebula
Helix Nebula
Stephen's Quintet (Galaxy)
NGC 7331 (Galaxy)
Blue Snowball Nebula
Elephant's Trunk Nebula
Sharpless 2-71 Nebula
Comet Hale-Bopp
Comet Hyakutake

Year 2001 Images

Dumbell Nebula
Ring Nebula
Little Dumbell Nebula
Owl Nebula
NGC 660 (Galaxy)
NGC 891 (Galaxy)
NGC 925 (Galaxy)
Needle Galaxy
NGC 5985 (Galaxy)
NGC 6384 (Galaxy)
NGC 6742 Nebula
NGC 6804 Nebula
NGC 6951 (Galaxy)
NGC 7139 Nebula
Bubble Nebula and M 52
Horsehead Nebula

Year 2003 Images

NGC 5371 (Galaxy)
NGC 7479 (Galaxy)
Pelican Nebula
NGC 6015 (Galaxy)

Year 2004 Images

Pleiades (M45)
Eskimo Nebula
Messier 81 and 82
Messier 82 High Resolution
Cocoon Nebula Wide Field
NGC 7331
NGC 6946
Swan Nebula (M17)
Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
Leo's Trio
NGC 3628
NGC 6905
NGC 6772
NGC 266
Cygnus H Alpha Wide Field
Cygnus H Alpha Ultra Wide Field
Cygnus Color Wide Field
North American Nebula (NGC 7000)
Lagoon/Trifid/M21 Mosiac
Sagittarius Color Wide Field
Cygnus Color Wide Field
NGC 869 - Double Cluster (CCD Image)
Aurora Images

Earth Image Pages

Purple Mushroom
Slug and Mushroom
Alien Invasion
Orange Mushroom
Darklight River
Frosty Elk
Garden Pool
Fall and Water
Old English Sheepdog
Iceland Trip

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