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ARGO Members Home Pages

Tom Carrico for images from his refractors.

Jim Girard for more cool ARGO imaging stuff!

Pete Finnoff Our Alaska member.

Jay Potts Our newest member.

Northwest Imagers and Astronomers

Dave Haworth for lots of cookbook camera images and information

Jon Brewster has some great LX200 based images

Worldwide Personal Pages

Adam Block and Kitt Peak's Amateur Observer Program

Rob Gendler Some of the best color CCD images

Steve Mandel Great Images and the "Mandel Wide Field Adapter"

John Gleason's Celestial Images Great Film and CCD Images

Matt BenDaniel's "Starmatt" Great and Instructional Articles

Kunihiko Okano Great color CCD images from Japan

Philip Perkins one of the UK's top film imagers!

Adrian Catterall for some great Deep Sky images from the UK

Martin Germano for some amazing deep sky film work

Thierry Legault Has some of the best planetary images there are

Al Kelly for some great big scope images

Wallis and Provin - real imaging experts

Dave Kenyon at California's Kenyon Observatory

Commercial Sites

RC Optical Systems makers of great carbon fibre RC Cassegrain Telescopes.

Anacortes Telescope for great inventory and great prices

Astro-Physics for great refractors and great mounts

Santa Barbara Instuments The Leader in Amateur CCD cameras

Axiom Research developers of the super MIRA image processing software

MaxIm DL,a great program, especially for camera control.

Project Pluto developers of the great GUIDE Sky Chart software

Rainman Software Save some time searching for objects with NGCView

Clubs, Magazines, and Official Sites

Sky and Telescope Magazine homepage

Astronomy Magazine homepage

Coelum The Italian Astronomy Magazine

Rose City Astronomers Portland website

Eugene Astronomical Society of Eugene, Oregon

NASA homepage

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