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General Imaging Information

This short page is designed to give some simple background on the technology used to take these images. It is intended for the non-technical viewer.

Looking to take up astronomical imaging as a hobby? This page has a few basic "dos and do nots" for the brave souls that wish to venture into this hobby.

Here you will find a brief discussion of the hardware and software that Bill uses to produce these images plus links to the manufacturers of these products.


This older tutorial provides a step-by-step tutorial on using PhotoShop to perform the LRGB color image technique.

Also a bit dated (from a 1999 lecture) but this gives a good background for understanding focus.

The instructions for using Tpoint with Image Link in TheSky are not so hot so here are some instructions written for humans! (For TheSky V5.X)

From my 2004 talk at the AIC conference. These extensive tutorials detail how to use ImageReady to do Rollovers, Image Maps, and More!


Other Informational Pages

Clouds and Atmospheric Phenomena Photos

Pictures of clouds, atmospheric phenomena, aurora and some time lapse movies.

Image Comparison Pages

These pages are devoted to images of specific objects as imaged by myself and other imagers.

CCD Imaging Links

A page chock full of links to other imagers, informational sites, and places where products may be purchased.

Weather Information

Weather Page

Use of my Images

If you want to use any of my images, you should read this page first.

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