ARGO Cooperative Observatory

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ARGO observatory was built in the summer of 1997 by five Northwest CCD imagers intent on making the most of the clear, dry skies of the high desert of central Oregon. ARGO consists of seven structures and their associated concrete pads and steel piers. Each participant has his own building and there is a common power and bathroom building to provide the required power and comfort facilities. The various equipment used by the ARGO participants range from a 3 inch Takahashi refractor to a 16 inch Optical Guidance Sytems Ritchie Cassegrain. Most participants have several instruments. All of the participants are SBIG users and some have FLI cameras. ARGO will occasionally host other imager friends for a new moon session of deep sky imaging with CCD or film. Several of our members are very experienced and have been doing CCD imaging since it's early amateur days.


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