Examples of Amateur Images

This page is intended to allow easy comparison of images taken by various amateurs. Hopefully it will be of help to those searching for images of this object, wondering what is possible, or comparing equipment or techniques. Be aware that many if not most of these images were taken with different equipment and often under widely differing conditions and using different processing techniques. Also be aware that this is for comparison of CCD images only, not film images.

Since images are often presented with widely different scales, you may find it useful to save the images to your computer for more detailed comparisons.

I hope you find this page useful.

Bill McLaughlin M45 11000M

My Image

Rob Gendler M45 11000M

Rob Gendler

Russ Croman M45 11000M

Russ Croman

Matt Thomas M45 2000XM

Matt Thomas

Rick Krejci M45 Canon 10D

Rick Krejci

Mike Chapa M45 2000XM

Mike Chapa

Mike Unsold D60 M45

Mike Unsold

Johannes Schedler 10D M45

Johannes Schedler

Charles Brown 2000XM M45

Charles Brown


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